Damage? Loss? Leave the Golf Clubs at Home and Hire!

Transporting golf equipment overseas can be a challenge even for the most intrepid of international travelers. The logistics involved in getting those prized assets onto the plane can lead you to question your decision to take them in the first place! Then throw the costs of insurance and airline oversize baggage fees into the mix and the doubts in the mind grow still further!

But arguably the biggest single fear of any golfer – one that has inspired the storyline of many a nightmare – is seeing the baggage carousel start up and your golf bag emerge in a state of disrepair, with your favorite seven-iron protruding out of a rip in a previously unblemished golf bag! Too much information?

Well information is one thing that is usually at a premium when the same carousel comes to an abrupt halt and your clubs are no where to be seen! Arriving on the next flight in, arriving tomorrow, or perhaps not arriving at all, just a few of the countless scenarios presented by the oh so helpful baggage handler!

And these painful visions are not reserved solely for us amateurs, damaged or lost equipment is also the bane of the tour pros. Hard to believe? Well two recent ‘tweets’ broadcast by European Tour golfer, Oliver Wilson and PGA Tour regular, Aaron Badderly, support this claim.

There is little accurate statistical information around to measure the value of insurance payouts on golf equipment damage, but it is thought to run into millions of dollars each year. Add to this the hidden costs of repair and replacing equipment for golfers without insurance, and the case for hiring golf equipment becomes stronger still.

Making claims to insurance companies can be a long and frustrating process and even when the assessor has completed his work and the claim is settled it is very rare that the full value of the missing or damage article is paid in full.

Then there is the emotional card. Us golfers are strange animals. The game we love is one of touch and feel, confidence plays a huge part and superstition and fickleness abounds! Indeed how many times have we read of Tour pros bringing a trusty old putter, out of hibernation in an attempt to break a run of poor form? How many times have you ventured into the depths of a storeroom or garage to find that old trustworthy seven-iron that once served so well? The loss or damage of a favourite weapon can be devastating!

So why take the chance? Why not leave all your worry and stress at home with your golf clubs and use the money saved from sidestepping insurance and airline baggage costs to hire a set at your destination? If the emotional tie is too strong then hire the same set as the one you have left behind, or try something new. The hiring option offers both opportunities and in turn adds value and enjoyment to your golfing vacation.

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